Monday, January 26, 2009

We're Here!!

Well we've been here.  This is just the first chance we've had to get on the internet. 
Ethiopia is of course beautiful.  The people are amazing and the exposure to the reality of the poverty here is life changing.  Watching Sarah and Rachael as they experience this for the first time is amazing.  I feel so honored to be here with them.  The group of people we are with is INCREDIBLE!  Truly God ordained. 
Sunday we went to church at the International Evangelical church and then made our way to Hope For Abandon Children.  We met Giday and saw the needs of her orphanage.  We are working with ChangeForEthiopia to get them supplies and improve the living conditions there.  Giday was so grateful for everything.  We were able to take her shopping and buy the things she needed for the very basic needs of the children.  They are hoping to add on to the orphanage so they can have a kitchen.  What they have now is similar to what we in the states would call a shed.  Watching her as she talked about the children she loves as own, despite them having nothing they had a coffee ceremony for us, we were the honored guests.  I know I came away more blessed then when I arrived.
We went to House of Hope today where Silas lived for seven months.  We loved on the children and met up with the staff that took care of our son.  It was so surreal and bittersweet to make that road again.  The staff kissed the pictures of Silas and asked all about him.  We loved being there.  The babies are all beautiful.  The older children sang us songs and loved on us.  Truly amazing.  We all made Injera and they humored us and said we did well when we know we didn't do near as well as they do!
Afterwards we went to a drop in center.  Heartbreaking.  The area is so poor.  The poorest we'd seen.  One thing we know is universal is children.  They all play the same.  They love having their pictures taken and they all hug and kiss you.  We've loved being able to give them attention.  Again, watching the people running these ministries challenges me.  Seeing how little they have yet how MUCH they do.  All giving praise and honor to our AWESOME God.
We met the Thiele kids.  I love these kids.  Sarah, Rachael, and I feel so honored to have been able to do this for Andrea and Bryan.  All I can say guys, you are SO SO blessed.
We've visited orphanages, a drop in center, played ball with street kids, handed out granola bars and birr to the people we met.  Truly amazing to see the gratitude.  One little boy wanted to polish our shoes.  I am now the proud owner of the shiniest black shoes you've ever seen.  Watching him work so hard, so thoroughly, and lovingly on my shoes said so much to my heart.  Being able to hug him and hand him 5 birr made his day, these small things have made such a huge impression on my heart. 
Tonight we're going for a traditional Ethiopian meal at Entonto.  YUMMY!
Tomorrow we head to the AIDS hospital and another drop in center.  Pray for the people we encounter and pray that we will remain healthy.  God is SO SO good.
We are all so very thankful for your prayers and support.  Start praying about coming here on a trip next year!  Its life changing!!!
To God be ALL the Glory Honor and Praise!
I'm going to try and post pictures.....we'll see if it works.



  1. I am SO glad to have an update and hear that you are all doing well. You have been in my prayers and will continue to be all week!

  2. May God get all the Glory for your hands to be working in Ethiopia.....HUGS to you all.

  3. I am so happy to see the update! Blessings to you all there!

  4. I am in tears, go figure. I read the words, The Thieles Kids, and just cried. I am so excited that you are able to love on not just my kids, but Gods kids. What a blessing that they were able to experience the LOVE of JESUS, from such beautiful servants like you three. THANK YOU for serving them and us.

    What you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me.

    I am praying and praising God!!

    I can't wait for the next post!!

    Love you girls.

  5. Praying often for you! Thanks for the update!

  6. We are so proud and excited to see what God is doing in your/our lives. Can't wait to see what is next. We miss you very much! We love you mommy!

    Your kids and Husband

  7. i want so badly to be there with you! thanks for the updates...i love hearing all about your trip!


  8. Is that the church that's in a building on the top floor. If it is I LOVE that church! Worship is amazing!!!!!

  9. WOW! Thanks for the update and the tears. I bet the people really miss Silas. It is so cool that you got to meet the Thiele kids, I hope you told them what amazing mom and dad they are getting. You are all in my prayers. Love ya all.

  10. So happy to read about your trip thus far. I get goose bumps thinking about Ethiopia. Great Post!

  11. I can't imagine how amazing and God filled your trip is ... You are truly being the hands and feet of Jesus .. Please give every child an extra hug from those of us here in the states ...

  12. Wow! Words just do not come that can truly express my emotions over this whole journey. Praise the evidence of God's hand in every step. SO many stories ... so many amazing turns of events ... so many powerful moments to share God's love ... and three people who opened themselves up to being used! Please know that I am there in spirit ... and wishing I was there in person. :)

  13. Wow Erica I am so thrilled for the opportunity God has blessed you with - and that you have been such a willing vessel to do the Lord's work in Ethiopia. It's exciting because I can HEAR the blessings and love you feel from the words on this page! I've been praying God use you and your friends to His glory and that the children AND you guys will all be blessed. Your excitement and love for the Lord is contagious and I'm very proud of you. Take care and my continued prayers are with you!!
    Love Brenda