Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 2 and 3

We've been so busy and the internet so sketchy that its hard to post and even harder to post pictures.   If I can't get any to load right now I'll work on it tonight.  We visited an orphanage and I'm hoping to get some video up, one of the guys here video'd and has a link he said I could post.  I'll try tonight.  Its so incredible to hang out with these sweet kids, to hold the babies and to just play with the bigger kids.  They love everything!  They are so sweet, they'll hug and kiss us and tell us they love us.  Its been heartbreaking to see the deep desire they have for a family.  We've all said we'd love to take them home! 
Yesterday we went to the AIDS compound.  That was probably the toughest thing we've done.  Sarah, Rachel and I were part of a small group that filled a 5x8 room of a man dying of AIDS.  Tears filled his eyes as we prayed for him.  I'm sure he was embarrassed but he still let us pray with him.  He is a believer and we know we'll see him again.  The whole compound was HIV + men, women, and children.  They stay up on the mountain and are looked at as outcasts.  We gave them clothes, food, and shoes. They're greatfulness was unbelievable.  I was able to pray for the group at the end which was amazing.  It was such an honor to be allowed to pray for them.  God has been faithful and we are so blessed to be here.
Please pray for Rachael - she's been throwing up since late last night and its not getting better.  Pray for healing for her body and that she doesn't get dehydrated.
Thank you all for your prayers!!

For Sarah and Rachael too.


  1. Praying! I keep calculating what time it is there and wondering what you all are doing.
    I pray that today goes well and that Rachel feels better soon!

  2. You guys are missed here, but what a blessing to be doing God's work over there. Praying for Rachael and the rest of your health, as well.

    PS - I saw Silas at the library yesterday with Misty. He came up to Titus and gave him the biggest hug. It was so cute. He's just the cutest darn thing.


  3. I will pray!!! I am so inspired by your willingness to give of yourselves! God is with you.

  4. I am definitely praying for you all. Looking forward to pictures and more stories.

  5. I bet you really would like to take a lot of those children home!! Must be heartbreaking to see so many hurting people. Will continue to pray for you and also for Rachael to get better. Nice to read the update! :)