Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day. I know many of us don't really even know what that means. For us last year was our first year of really being involved in this movement. We bought T-shirts and the whole nine yards. I think after being in Africa and seeing the absolutely horrific effects of this disease it changes how you view AIDS and HIV. AIDS and HIV is not just a disease that affects a particular group of people. HIV is treatable. Many people in Africa have NO WAY of getting this treatment. We can help. We can help by supporting the (RED) campaign. We can help by raising awareness. Today is a day to SHARE. To SPREAD the word about the devastation of AIDS and let others know how THEY can be involved.

Here is a little video put out by the (RED) campaign on how medicine made a difference in the lives of these children.

Please be in prayer for those suffering from HIV and AIDS in Africa. Be in prayer on how God might use YOU to spread the word and make a difference. We are focusing intently on fundraising for our trip to Ethiopia in January and as others are joining to minister along side us we are humbled to see God provide for EVERY need as we go along. Kicking it into high gear for fundraising we are humbled that God has called us to go back to Ethiopia yet again. I truly feel that I gain more then I ever give when I'm there. Those of you praying about going on the trip - we are praying with you and for you even now. Watching the Lord put our "team" together is incredible. I leave you with this AMAZING video. I do need Africa more then Africa needs me.

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