Thursday, December 17, 2009

We have seen the Lord work in HUGE ways to work out all the details of this trip. There are a few things we are needing and are actively working on what the Lord has asked of us. That brings us to this point.

We need your prayers.

We'll be working with several different projects while we're in Addis Ababa. Including building a chicken house at Bright Hope School.

We're taking a group of about 10 people (Lord willing their funds come in) most of whom have never been out of the country. This includes our oldest child who is very excited about this opportunity.

Please pray for our team. Pray for unity. Pray for health and safe travel. Pray that the Lord provides for each persons specific financial needs.

Pray for our church. We are apart of a new church plant and part of this trip will be to identify opportunities where we as a church can have long term involvement. Our pastor and his family are also adopting from Ethiopia. His wife Rachel and their two kids are planning to go on this trip as well.

As a family we have hosted back to back garage sales with the help of precious friends, we've received many items to sell, random refund checks, some of you have helped by purchasing coffee, and others have given intentional financial gifts. To each of you that have supported us through giving of your time and resources THANK YOU!!! We are well on our way but we're still short a few thousand dollars.

We need you to spread the word.

This is where you can help. I was looking at my friends list and realized if each person gave $5 we'd raise over $2,000! Our goal is $1200 in 24 hours. Its been done before, my sweet friend Natalie T is where I saw it first as they raised money for their home study. We're going to have a Reckless Abandon 2010 facebook-a-thon!

Here's how it works:

Thursday December 17,2009 from 12:00am-11:59pm we're asking that you donate your facebook status (or write a blog post) to our cause. I'll have a paypal button up on our mission trip blog as well as this blog, all you have to do is copy and paste the info below. In other words spread the word and let the Lord work as He will in the hearts of His people.

Reckless Abandon Ethiopia - to give of oneself unrestrained without caution for the cause of another. Will you send us to Ethiopia to help build a chicken house? To sing and play with sweet orphan babes? To play soccer with the street kids? To be Jesus with skin on to those we meet? To show love in a tangible way. If everyone on my friends list donated $5 we'd be fully funded. Will you consider donating? Every dollar helps. - Thank you!

Thank you for helping spread the word!! Stay tuned, if this isn't your thing but you want to donate items for us to take to Ethiopia?!?! That's coming up next! Merry Merry CHRISTmas to each and every one of you!

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