Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ethiopia Days 3 and 4

Tuesday was an extremely full day. We started out heading to Bright Hope School where we learned we’d be clearing the land and digging the foundation for a chicken house, not framing a chicken house. Gods in charge and we were just blessed to swing a pick axe, shovel dirt, or machete trees with the amazing people of Ethiopia. We were dirty, gross, and exhausted but our hearts were full. On our way out we went with Sammy to Korah which is one of the poorest areas in Addis. The living conditions were horrifying at best. Each of us have a passion for Sammy, his vision and the children he serves. We have so much to share about Sammy and his ministry, our hearts are overflowing. Later we visited the Thomas Center where our friends kids are, the pastor who runs a couple of ministries here was also here when I came last year. It was awesome to see him again and hear his heart for the orphan. This is also where our friend’s three kids are and we were able to spend some precious time with them and take pictures while they got their backs adjusted by our chiropractor friend. It was a great time spent with all of the children there.

We then headed to Bole Ba Bola another extremely impoverished area where they do not even have running water. We attended their church service and were so incredibly blessed by each of them. This trip impacted our team on so many levels. The joy of the Lord these people have is amazing. Even though they have nothing they love Jesus with all their hearts. One thing David pointed out was that some things are the same no matter where you go. This was no different. The ladies stand around chatting, the kids run around playing, just beautiful.

It was a long long day but the Lord met us and we were thrilled to have done what we did.

Day 4

Today was yet another beautiful day in Ethiopia. The sun was shining and we’re all sporting a great tan!  We had a rough start in the morning due to a driver issue but we finally headed out to Bright Hope School to continue digging the trench for the foundation of the chicken house. This was so much work!! It was solid rock! Watching Nathan throw the pick was impressive! That boy amazes me! To top it off he wasn’t even feeling good! God gave him enough strength to carry out today’s task and it was beautiful.

We spent the afternoon resting a bit, some of us had massages and back adjustments from our in house Chiropractor. Some of us went to Tamoca to meet the girls we’ve met previously but they didn’t show up. Later the coffee shop owner called but it was too late to head back we were all bummed but thrilled to have built this relationship with the Tamoca owner. We’ll probably try again tomorrow night or Friday. Be praying for these precious girls. We don’t know what God is doing but He’s started something and we’ll just have to see where He leads. Later in the evening we were able to get one of the street kids over to the guest house, the girls bathed her, dressed her, and we’re working on getting her a foster family so she can be nurtured and grow up in a safe environment. She has some special needs but watching the transformation this evening was incredible. God is SO SO good!

Thank you all for praying!! The team is doing FANTASTIC! Nathan has a bit of a stomach ache, please pray that’s all it is and nothing more comes of it. The rest of the team is in good health and we are so thankful!!

To God be ALL the glory!!

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