Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The trip is over, but the journey has just begun

Rachael's post could not have said alot of my feelings any better. The trip has happened, but God is still at work. We had some truly amazing adventures happen while we were in Addis. There are not enough words to describe everything we saw and experienced, and the burden that was even more apparent once we got there. Visiting each of the orphanages and drop in centers became easier on the outside, because we knew what to expect, but only made our hearts ache even more after each one. The kids are all so excited to see us as soon as we walk in, and are always so polite reaching out there hands saying "Salem" (hello). Its hard to leave, and not take any of them with you. My mind is still processing everything we saw and experienced, so for now, I will leave you with that, and some pictures. Please pray for us, as we listen to what God is putting on our hearts for "What's next?"

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  1. Oh I wish I was there to love on those kids... :0)