Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Process.

I haven't checked this blog since we've been home. Reading Sarah and Rachael's posts tonight I realized just how much I'm still processing. I remember when we came home with Silas last year I could hardly speak of the trip without bursting into tears. I remember the silence David and I shared over what we had just experienced. I feel much of that again. Just in a little different way. I remember Sarah not understanding why I struggled so hard yet how she respected my guarded heart and waited patiently for me to be able to share. Now seeing her struggle with the same things its like a kindred spirit. Sarah, Rachael, and I share something that's difficult to articulate. Once we've processed our own thoughts and feelings with what we've experienced, discovered how to best share what the Lord has laid on our hearts it will come.

Eager to share what we've learned just struggling to let it all sink in and fully understand what we've just lived these past ten days. God is faithful, our only goal is to bring glory and honor to our King. May we all be vessels fit for His service. We were asked "what now"? In time that will be revealed, its still sinking in. More of Him, less of me.

The biggest thing that is impressed upon my heart more then what we "did" in Ethiopia is what Ethiopia did for me. The Ethiopian community is a perfect example of contentment.

I want to be completely content. Infinitely happy despite my circumstances, thankful for the little things, and joyful beyond measure. I want to give liberally and love selflessly. Forever etched in my mind is when I told one of our translators that I really liked his necklace. It was suubi beads and they were bright yellow, beautiful. He said "you do? Really?" I give it to you. I refused but his willingness to give me something he probably really like himself spoke volumes to me. I want that kind of selflessness.

The Ethiopian people will forever be apart of me. Our son is a constant reminder of that. I shared with David that a little more of my heart is deposited there just as it was last year. He gets that and I love that about him. He gets my wild and crazy heart, he gets my passions, I am so thankful for a patient husband who hasn't pushed me although I know he wants every detail. Even though he didn't travel with us, he was there in spirit. We both can't wait to return.

Here are a few pictures from the first two days we were there. I managed to shoot over 500 pictures of my own and about that many were given to me by two others. Many more to come. These are but a few.

Roasting coffee beans for a coffee ceremony. We were the guests of honor. Its such an overwhelming feeling to know something is being prepared because you are there. Humbling.

The first orphanage we visited - Also where our first coffee ceremony was.

The streets of Addis Ababa.

Sweet shoe shiners. Love these boys.

Ephrim and Co.- our AMAZING driver/translator! He took such great care of us. Thank you Ephrim!


  1. It took me so long after bringing Mari home to even begin to process what I had experienced. A year later, I'm still "remembering" bits and pieces that I had shut away, waiting until I was able to process them. It is so overwhelming and you have to shelf some of those feelings in order to continue functioning until you are ready to deal with them. I'm so proud of your group for what you have done and the light that you brought back...hopefully your light will grow and others will get involved. Continue to share and I'll continue to read and cry. Thanks Erica (and everyone in your awesome group!)

  2. Wonderfully put! I see those kids and my heart melts, I can't wait to love on them and play with them!

  3. Tears are steaming down my face. I saw the picture with the kids holding the Ty Beanie Babies, with their sweet big beautiful smiles, and it hit me hard. Erica, Thank You, Thank You for taking those there. What a blessing for me to see those sweet smiles. I am touched. I can't even imagin what you felt when you were actually there with them.

  4. Look forward to reading more about all He showed you and taught you. Re-entry is really hard!

    It was fun praying for your trip! :)